Encourages collaboration accross the active industry to support operational efficiency and upskilling of the workforce to improve the capability and capacity of both Surfing Queensland and boardrider clubs.   

Is designed to empower club members with the necessary knowledge and qualifications to ensure the safety and success of our surfing community. By participating in this program, clubs will have the chance to nominate TWO MEMBERS for FREE training in First Aid & CPR and Foundation Surf Judging. In addition, a 60% discount will be given to every participant to complete the Progression Surf Judging Course should they choose to continue to develop as a surf judge.

The First Aid & CPR training and the Foundation Surf Judging Course will be delivered via face-to-face group training sessions. The sessions will be delivered in one full day, divided into 2 parts. The First Aid & CPR Accreditation will take place in the morning followed by the Judging Accreditation after lunch. Nominated club members will be provided with all necessary learning materials for the training sessions and will be required to bring a laptop to complete the online components of the Foundation Surf Judging Course at the training session.will be delivered via face-to-face group training sessions.

Who can participate:
– Boardrider Club Members
– Surfing Queensland Members
*limited spots available