Behind the Lens: Josh Whiting Photography

Published on 19/05/2023

After finishing his Engineering University Degree, Josh made a decision that would determine the next chapter in his life. He would either choose a career in Engineering or pursue his passion for ocean photography.

Josh took a risk and chose to follow his passion.

Now working full-time as a photographer, Josh talks us through five of his favourite images below.

All images have been shot in Queensland, Australia.

Josh: “This image summarises what we lived for during our grom days. A few of my school mates would watch the surf cam in our last class of the day and we’d be so itchy to get down to Mooloolaba Beach for an afternoon shore break session. We’d find abandoned boogieboards or snapped surfboards on the beach from previous beach goers and send them into the ocean one last time. I will never forget dropping in on these waves and being blinded by the afternoon light. What a time.”

Josh: “Perfect waves at home, no one out, just my Kookaburra mate and myself enjoying the view.

Josh: “One of my favourite line up shots I’ve taken at a controversial location in Queensland. The swell from Tropical Cyclone Seth arrived a couple days into the New Year and the points were the spots to be celebrating. There wasn’t much more you could have asked for this day. Alot of happy faces.”

Josh: “One of my favourite images I’ve taken at my local surf break. I love the colours in the image, it really reflects how nice the Sunshine Coast is and how good the surf can get at this place. This image gets me excited to get back out there and swim around some hollow slabs in the near future.”

Josh: “Every now and then South East Queensland is rewarded with a low pressure system just off the Coast, paired with howling offshore winds. The raw energy and power of the swell had scared most of the weekend crew away, leaving it all for the experienced surfers to enjoy. There were jet skis scattered across the beach doing tow ins but this fella gave it a crack by himself. He didn’t stick this one but I love the composition of this image and it depicts just how fierce the ocean is.”

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