Behind The Lens (Part 2) with Gold Coast photographer Conrad Petzsch-Kunze (that’s right, Part 2)
Published on 13/08/2021

Conrad Petzsch-Kunze sent us so many great photos in the previous Behind The Lens edition that we’ve decided to run a Part 2.


JACK FREESTONE. DURANBAH (F/7.1, 1/1600 – CANON 7D MK II). Dbah session.

BRENT DORRINGTON. SNAPPER ROCKS. (F/4.5, 1/1600 – CANON 7D MK II). Being in the water, fighting the rip, making sure there’s no water on the port, and finally, looking into the lens – the reward is insane.

STEPH GILMORE (F/4.5, 1/1600 – CANON 7D MK II). Working with Steph is always fun. This shot was about making the colours pop. The northerly wind was in full swing and getting the boards to stay in position needed some ingenuity so they didn’t blow away. I used a 70-200mm zoom lens to compress the scene for a better perspective.

JAY DAVIES. SNAPPER ROCKS (F/5.6, 1/1600 – CANON 7D MK II). I remember this wave going below sea-level. It was mental to watch.


To view more of Conrad’s skilful imagery, swing by his Insta page here.


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