Behind the Lens with Nick Colclough

Published on 15/09/2022

Nick grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, surrounded by sick waves and even better surfers. He naturally found a passion for surfing which quickly transitioned into a love for capturing it. With no shortage of waves and talented mates to film, Nick began making a living travelling the world, while doing what he loves.

Nick undeniably has an eye for shooting surfing. He’s good at what he does, he’s humble in his approach and each clip he releases truly gets better and better.

Surfers want to work with him. Sponsors want to work with him. Surfing Queensland wants to work with him.

This isn’t just because he knows what he’s doing, but also because he’s an all-around good bloke. If you met Nick, you’d probably want to work with him too!

We’re lucky Nick now calls the Gold Coast home.

We sat down and had a chat with Nick as we got to know him better and he talked us through his five favourite videos.

Ryan Callinan – Pipeline, Hawaii

“This was my third time in Hawaii but my first time actually getting to see and shoot Pipe. It ended up being pretty good for 4 days straight.”

Seth Moniz – Off The Wall, Hawaii

“I accidentally got this shot of Seth Moniz from the Billabong house front yard while I was walking back from the beach. I was walking, saw this sick wave coming and pretty much handheld this shot.”

Liam O’Brien (LOB) – Off The Wall, Hawaii

“You can pretty much always count on Liam O’Brien to get one of the craziest Off The Wall waves. I almost missed this as I was walking over to get a better angle of the wave. This was a couple of days before his injury at Pipe.” Read about Liam’s injury HERE

John John Florence – The Box, WA

“This is not the biggest and best from The Box (Western Australia) but it lined up perfectly. Shooting from the water is one of my favourite things to do.”

Kip Caddy – Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania

“Massive strike mission to Shipsterns Bluff. It’s a huge walk down. I ended up busting my ankle so I had to hobble back. I really like the details in this clip.”

What kickstarted your career as a videographer?

“I’m not sure if there was ever a definitive point or decision, or a moment where I was like ‘yeah, this is what I am going to do.’ It all just kind of happened naturally through my friends supporting me, their sponsors jumping on board, and then sponsors reaching out and asking me to help work with them and their athletes and so forth. It’s cool to be able to travel and make a living off it and I feel very lucky.”

What do you enjoy about shooting surfing?

“I enjoy meeting new people, getting to travel with friends across the world and being able to help them in their careers by capturing footage of them. I also just love capturing those moments where something crazy happens and unless there was footage, you wouldn’t believe otherwise.”

Goals in the industry?

“My goals are to try and make some films that will be remembered and to continue helping in the ways that I can and hopefully keep evolving my skills as a videographer.”

Thanks, Nick!

See more of Nick’s vision at @justnicksmedia


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