Go Big or Go Home: The 2022 Australian Open of Surfing Tour Announces New One-Wave Format

Published on 01/08/2022

The Australian Open of Surfing (AOS) is back in 2022 to support Australia’s top athletes. The AOS is focused on providing a competitive platform for local boardrider club champions.

In game-changing news for the iconic brand, Surfing NSW and Surfing Queensland has announced the 2022 tour will introduce an exciting new format to encourage competitors to push themselves with a ‘go big or go home’ philosophy.

Traditionally a surfer’s heat total is made-up of two waves. This year’s AOS will see just one wave make up their final heat placing. The scoring format has been introduced to encourage progressive and radical surfing from the competitors.

“We see this one-wave heat total format as something that could reinvigorate elite surfing competition. We can’t wait to see how surfers can use it to their advantage and what high-impact combinations they can come up with to impress the judges,” said Surfing NSW CEO Luke Madden. “There will be some really high energy surfing and big scores awarded. It will be an unmissable Tour.”

The tour will include two, two-day qualifying events and a single day grand final. Each tour stop will showcase the incredible talent of Australian athletes on the quest to stay competitive in the off-season.

The tour includes two qualifying events at Coffs Harbour (24-25 Sept) and the Sunshine Coast (1-2 Oct) and the grand final event to be held at the famous Bondi Beach (15 Oct).

There are 48 spots open in the men’s and women’s draws for the qualifier events with the top qualifiers invited to compete in the Bondi grand final. Surfers are required to compete in both qualifying events to have the chance to be invited to Sydney.

“The AOS tour is such an invaluable opportunity for us to have more time in the jersey and I’m really pumped to see how everyone takes to the single-wave scoring. I’m so stoked that Surfing NSW and Surfing Queensland have brought the Tour back, and added some spice to it” said World Qualifying Series (WQS) surfer Eddy Hamaty.

“It’s all about getting as much experience as you can, being a competitive surfer means constantly learning and evolving no matter your age,” he said.

“No two heats unfold the same way so the more events you do the more nimble you can be in tackling different scenarios under pressure. The AOS is the perfect way to support aspiring athletes in getting this practice in ahead of the new WQS season.”

For many surfers the chance to travel from Coffs Harbour to the Sunshine Coast and even surf at iconic Bondi Beach is incentive enough. 

“I’ve had good results at Coffs,” said Hamaty. “I made the semi finals there in the AOS previously. I’ve never surfed the Sunshine Coast, I’m looking forward to seeing the waves on offer. And as for Bondi, there will be so many people there, there’s something about surfing in front of a big crowd with a vibe like you get at Bondi. It’s the perfect place for a tour final.”  

Not only does the 2022 AOS tour provide a platform for elite surfers, it’s the opportunity for the next generation to be inspired either by competing or being part of the festivities.

The prize pool for the tour is $50,000, a significant amount that will be an incentive to attract future champions to take part. It includes $10,000 equal prize money for the men’s and women’s winners at each qualifier and then $15,000 equal prize money for the men’s and women’s winners at the Bondi Grand Final.

Surfing Queensland CEO Adam Yates is excited for the Australian Open of Surfing Tour to start.

“We’re incredibly excited for this tour, and can’t wait to see the level of surfing brought out at each event with the new scoring format the AOS tour will adopt,” said Yates.

“The tour provides a platform for both professional and grassroots surfers to stoke their competitive flame in the latter half of 2022 and go head-to-head for the big prize purse on offer. We’re stoked to partner with our neighbouring state to provide more opportunities for Australian surfers and can’t wait to watch this tour gain momentum,” he said.

Surfing NSW CEO Luke Madden is proud to continue the high-energy Australian Open of Surfing Tour..

“With more people than ever taking up surfing, we’re stoked to be able to provide events that support our sport’s top athletes and a platform for the community to engage with surfing,” he said.

“This is such an exciting format that takes our surfers to some amazing spots to compete in both NSW and Queensland. We can’t wait to have a major event back on Bondi Beach for the 2022 final where we’ll once again bring together epic surfing.”

The industry is just as excited by the changes and announcement of the tour Volkswagen, Bonsoy, Gage Roads Brewing and Surfboard Empire throwing their full support behind it.

The AOS will see continued support from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Director Ryan Davies says he also can’t wait to see the event begin.

“Volkswagen vans have long been synonymous with a surfing lifestyle in Australia. We are delighted to partner with Surfing NSW for the 2022 Australian Open Surfing Tour and look forward to the great competitive spirit and results that will follow on our beaches.”

Entries for the 2022 Australian Open of Surfing open at 8:30am on Tuesday 2 August via Surfing Queensland and Surfing NSW event registration pages.


Australian Open of Surfing Tour, presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

    Bonsoy Coffs Harbour Open,
    presented by Gage Roads 24-25 September 2022

Register via https://surfingnsw.com.au/events/
Prize Money Breakdown: Equal Men and Women
1st Place $2,000.00, 2nd Place $1,500.00, 3rd Place $1,000.00, 4th Place $500.00

    Sunshine Coast Open, 1-2 October 2022

Register via https://surfingqueensland.com.au/events/
Prize Money Breakdown: Equal Men and Women
1st Place $2,000.00, 2nd Place $1,500.00, 3rd Place $1,000.00, 4th Place $500.00

    Bondi Grand Final Open, 15 October 2022

Prize Money Breakdown: Equal Men and Women
1st Place $10,000.00, 2nd Place $1,000.00, 3rd Place $750.00, 4th Place $500.00
$250 for all Grand Final competitors who do not place


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