Tai Jenison Talks Us Through His Upcoming Film “Home Bros”

Published on 28/01/2021

What do you get when you combine three of the Sunshine Coasts biggest talents, a world class filmer and an incredible run of waves?  

Cooper Davies, Noah Stocca and Alister Reginato (with special appearances from Connor Lyons and Jack Reginato) have teamed up with Tai Jenison to bring you some mind-blowing surfing from the past 12 months on the Sunshine Coast in the short film “Home Bro’s.”

Home Bro’s will be premiering 5pm at Alex Surf Club on the 4th of February with the full film available online from the 7th of February. We caught up with Tai to hear all about the film.

Check out the trailer to Home Bros here!

SQ: “Hey Tai. We are really looking forward to watching your latest project “Home Bros”. Do you want to talk us through how this all came to life?”

TJ: “Hey guys! Yeah so the film wasn’t really planned at all until Covid hit. I was in Hawaii at the time shooting with Keanu Miller for Volcom and the boys were starting to do some comps and get ready for the QS year. 

From then I had planned to keep doing trips with Keanu and some other guys throughout the year, but it all changed so quickly. We really had to figure out what our options were and there weren’t many at all other than to stay at home and wait until we could travel again. It just so happened that we had the best year of waves yet and documented it all!”

SQ “You grew up surfing with these boys from when you were young. What was it like working on this project now that they are some of the world’s best young surfers?” 

TJ: “We have all known each other since we were about 15 but it really wasn’t until last year that we all became so much closer. I guess there has been some positives come out of all of this Covid jazz and that’d have to be a major one for me. Watching them develop as surfers over those years from the grom comps to now has been really cool for sure.”

SQ “We have seen some crazy clips come out the past 12 months from these boys and also have seen what they are achieving in a contest rashie which is nothing short of incredible. Are you surprised at the level of surfing they brought to the film and were there any standout moments?” 

TJ “I’ve filmed these boys a lot just free surfing and have also filmed them doing comps. You can definitely tell the difference when the rashie isn’t on, but I don’t think their competitiveness really goes away when in a free surf haha! They were always trying to bank their best clips so they were really pushing each other which was cool. Every time we had a 2-3 day run of waves was a standout moment for us, it’s pretty rare to get at home.”

SQ “What was it like filming an entire/ majority of the film on the Sunshine Coast? Did you ever think you would film a full length feature entirely on the coast?” 

TJ: “I never would’ve thought it but I think now that we have been stuck at home and done this it’s actually been really cool. The boys are normally busy traveling, chasing points on the QS and I’m generally working on other projects with different guys which means we aren’t home at the same time very often at all. This film has definitely captured a really unique time in all of our lives.

SQ: “Who do you think has the best section / did the best surfing in the movie?”

TJ: “Haha that’s a tricky one! All the boys had a good mix of waves in the clip so it’s hard to pick one in particular. In the past I had seen Alister and Noah’s surfing a bit more than Cooper’s as I was originally living down the other end of the Sunshine Coast so I was super surprised when I started shooting with Cooper a lot more. He used to be a really good tennis player but chose to stick to surfing a few years ago, so to see how quickly he’s gotten so good and how he can just change types of boards is super sick! Twin fins look very nice under his feet as shown in the film.”

SQ: “Where can we go watch the film?”

TJ: “We are doing a few local premieres (which you can find by staying tuned to my socials) and then it will be premiering online through YouTube on February the 7th at 7pm (AEST) and will be available to watch for free from then on!”

SQ: “What is next for both your and the boys in the film? We are really excited to watch you all continue to push the limits in both the film and surfing world.”

TJ: “I’ve got a couple of video projects in the pipeline but as for the boys I think they are starting the regional QS mid February so they will be pretty locked into that and hopefully getting some results under their belt!”

SQ: “Awesome! Thanks so much for your time, we are super excited to check out the full feature.”

TJ: “Cheers guys! Hope you enjoy watching Home Bro’s.”


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