The Gold Coast Open x STAB Electric Acid Surfboard Test

Published on 28/05/2021

Did you hear about, or even better – attend – the Gold Coast Open at Burleigh Heads?

As the GCO wrapped for the day on the Sunday afternoon, a STAB Electric Acid Surfboard Test took over the point for two hours. It was the first time The Test had been run using a contest format.

You remember the names: Josh Kerr, Mitch Crews, Asher Pacey, Coby Perkovich, Benny Howard, Lungi Slabb, Louie Hynd, Harley Walters.

They rode a flamboyant selection of surf craft designed by some of the biggest names in shaping.

A healthy crowd lined Burleigh Hill as surfers worked their way through a strong Gold Coast swell.

Lots of carves. Even a few sneaky pits.

There was lots of laughs, some creative judging and outlandish commentary. Mitch Crews was the eventual winner….well, sort of.

If you didn’t catch The Test live, check out a few snaps below.

Surf shots by @conadpk


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