Surfing Queensland’s Appeal to Keep Young Drivers Safe

Published on 29/11/2022

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND (29 November, 2022) – Surfing Queensland today announced its success as a Community Road Safety Grant recipient, supported by funding through the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government.

The $40,000 grant will fund a local road safety campaign, The Impact Zone, to appeal to young drivers, particularly in the surfing community in South-East Queensland.  

Surfing Queensland’s Impact Zone targets the “fatal five” risky driving behaviours and promotes safer alternatives.

The driving behaviours targeted are speeding, driver distraction, drink and drug driving, driver fatigue, and incorrect seatbelt wearing.

Surfing Queensland Chief Executive Officer, Adam Yates, said that Surfing Queensland is able to reach young Queenslanders and hopes to use its platform to influence the surfing community to become safer road users. 

“While risk-taking is necessary in the sport of surfing, unfortunately it’s often translated into young surfer’s everyday life and can lead to dangerous driving behaviour,” said Mr Yates.

“By utilising the synergies between The Impact Zone while surfing and driving, we hope to educate surfers about the fatal five driving behaviours that can risk them being caught in The Impact Zone on Queensland roads.” 

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey commended Surfing Queensland for its ongoing commitment to reducing the impact of road trauma in the community.

“Education is everything when it comes to upskilling young drivers on Queensland roads, and stamping out risky behaviour before it starts,” Minister Bailey.

“It’s easy for dangerous habits to take a hold of young drivers, so I congratulate Surfing Queensland for their proactive approach.

“I’m pleased we can support this important road safety grants go a long way in making sure all Queenslanders get home safe and sound.”   

The “fatal five” is responsible for most deaths on Queensland roads:

  • Speed-related crashes kill 57 people (on average) on Queensland roads annually, and seriously injure 334 people.
  • Drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a serious crash if they use a mobile phone while driving. Distraction is responsible for 29 fatalities (on average) a year and 1346 serious injuries.
  • Drink driving accounts for more than a fifth of all lives lost on Queensland roads, with 52 fatalities annually (on average) and 643 serious injuries.
  • Fatigue-related crashes are responsible for 30 fatalities annually (on average) and 453 serious injuries
  • Wearing a seatbelt correctly can reduce your risk of a fatal or serious injury by half. On average, 30 people are killed (on average) and 184 seriously injured as the result of not wearing a seatbelt or not wearing it correctly.

For more information on risky driving behaviours visit StreetSmarts.

Surfing Queensland will deliver The Impact Zone Campaign across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in 2023.

For further details on the Impact Zone campaign, please follow Surfing Queensland on social media and visit

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